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POPOI SDIOH was originally founded in 1989 by Lagartija Nick  (gtr), Stefan Zimny (bass), Fred André (vox) and a drum machine.  Federico Iovino (drums) joined the band in 1990.

Band’s name was at this time THE NOMADS LAND: a several demotapes have been recorded. link: discography

1991: the band changes its name into LAND OF PASSION.

André & Zimny left the band in 1991/92.

Then Mister H kbds & Jeff Sholley (bass) came in 1992. Pat (gtr) about beginning 1993.

With this line up  (Lagartija, Iovino, Sholley, Pat, & Mister H), the band played many gigs all over Europe until fall 1998.


LOP contributed to many tape & CD compilations ( Silent Order, Hex Files3, Descend, Black Box), has been reviewed in magazines all over the world

ARTICLES / REVIEWS / ITW in :Side-Line(B), Premonition(F), Bizarre(UK), Fight Amnesia(G), Gothic(G), Grimoire(G), Le Scatopode(F), Marble Moon(It), Noising Therapy(F), the Black Box(Sp), Darkworld(USA), Dark Angel(Australia), Perversion (Mexico), Low Life (UK), Bats & Red Velvet (UK), Presto (Fr), Hekatombe (Fr), Mofo(B),  …

article+photo in “The Hex files” ‘book by Mick Mercer

JUNE 2004 : ARTICLE in ZILLO 06/04 (All.)+track « Kuna  Vaka » on CD samplerZILLOSCOPE.


LIVE PERFORMANCES  in Belgium (Waregem, Antwerpen, Bruges, Tournai, Liège, Brussels, Sint Niklaas, Dour…); France (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg’festival…), Spain (Madrid), Portugal, Poland (Warszawa, Legnica’festival, Malbork), Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Darmstadt), Holland (Rotterdam), Switzerland (Neuchatel)….


…WITH BANDS SUCH BANDS AS: Clan of Xymox, Faith & the Muse, Project Pitchfork, Angina Pectoris, Die Form, Ordo Equitum Solis, Lucie Cries, Into the Abyss, Merlons of Nehemiah, Breath of Life…etc )

Fall 1998 Mr H & Pat decided to leave the band.

Then, Nick, Federico & Jeff decided to stop playing live to work in studio on the next album.

As the line up and the music both evoluted a lot, the band decided to change its name into POPOI SDIOH in 1999.
Vokobahn joined the band in 2001 (kbds)

POPOI SDIOH ‘s music takes its origins in eighties’ post-punk & dark music.

Electronics, dirty samplings, funny noises, often strange and sometimes danceable sounds have been added  to create an unique atmosphere. The band enjoys to describe its music as tribal-batcave-industrial-idiotexeprimental ...

In the new CD album, are included some “audiocrashtests”. These soundscapes are small experiments, sometimes driving to a song, sometimes not…

The word “audiocrashtest” speaks by itself…

Since 2003, POPOI SDIOH played in Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, France...with Christian Death 1334 , Miguel & the living Dead, Lycosia, Hynnner vs Hantis3, BAK XIII, Zorglub ...



POPOI SDIOH ’ s line up:
Lagartija Nick / Jeff Sholley / Vokobahn / Federico Iovino
Live crew:
The butcher / Franky